Getting buyer & market ready

Previewing your space both inside and outside to determine where to maximize the equity in your property. We use the Certified staging professionals (CSP) “Room Ready Handbook” to highlight areas that help prepare your space to sell in a short amount of time for the most amount of money in today's Real Estate market. this handbook is yours to keep.

The Action Plan

Using the CSP "Room Ready Handbook"(RRHB) provides you with a complete easy to follow room by room evaluation. this handbook is yours to keep. it outlines the recommended steps to be completed before showcasing/staging can begin.

The RRHB is consistent, private, Practical, professional and copyrighted; only certified staging professionals have access to this concise tool for use with their clients.


  1. vacant property

    • FREE/no charge
  2. vacant with recommendations (estate sale)
  3. Occupied with or without Inventory
  • under 1,000sqft = $250.00
  • over 1,000sqft = $350.00


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"A recent survey showed 63% of buyers preferred to pay more money for a property which is move in ready. The goal of a CSP is to help you maximize the appeal of your home while minimizing the amount of money required to achieve that goal" -CSP International Business Training Academy, Room Ready Handbook 2011
"My clients are always pleasantly surprised when I hand over the compact and organized tool (Room Ready Handbook) at the end of our consultation together. Many of my clients over the years have referred to this little black book as the 'staging bible' because it keeps them motivated and on track with their staging goals. As a staging business owner who completed 210 consultations in 2012, I view the investment as minimal in comparison to the return you receive from ongoing referrals and client confidence!" -Lesley King CCSP