packing & organizing

Doing the work so you don't have to: following through on Step 1-Consultation recommendations to enhance your space for today’s buyers and help you pack, organize and store belongings not staged. We use a CSP organizational, colour-coded system to help you access what you need. Taking the stress out of moving. 


Certified Staging Professionals use a quick-find system to help with the ease of retrieving items before, during and after moving.

Ask about our preferred partners discounts with PODS and other delivery, moving and storage company options.


  • vary based on budget, amount of items to move, storage capacity, etc.

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"I started to panic when I realized I didn't know where my router was to set up the WiiFii at my new place. The colour coded and itemized list Shawna set up helped me locate it in minutes. It (the system) took the frustration out of husband and I are on our 4th move in 3 years and this was the easiest move of all thanks to your help!" -Stephanie Ash (Home Owner)